The available evidence suggests that there is a strong correlation between marriage and divorce in Thailand and other countries around the world, and this should be of particular importance to anyone considering marriage with Thailand. There are a number of different types of marriages in different parts of Thailand, but they are all very similar, according to a recent study by the Thai Foreign Ministry. 

If you are married in Thailand and want to decide for an uncontested divorce, you also have the possibility of an administrative divorce. Administrative divorces and uncontested divorce proceedings cost the least in Thailand compared to court divorces and disputed divorces, according to the Foreign Ministry. 

If the couple originally married in Thailand, a divorce can only take place if one of the spouses is a Thai national. Nevertheless, you can provide evidence that the land held by the foreign spouse and his Thai is in fact common property of your marriage.

It is also important to be aware that marriage to a Thai citizen does not give a foreigner the right to own land in Thailand personally. The Thai Ministry of Land requires the non-Thai spouse to sign a lease agreement for the country that is separate from that of the Thai spouse. If you are married to Thai nationals, you have no property on land within Thailand due to your marriage. A foreigner cannot buy a country if he is married to a Thai. 

If your marriage is not registered in another country, you cannot divorce in Thailand. If you are legally married in a country where the marriage is not registered with the Thai authorities, you may not even be entitled to a legal divorce. Sources: 6, 8

A contested divorce also applies to couples who have not registered their marriage in Thailand but have lived, lived or worked outside Thailand for a reasonable period of time. A contested divorce is also open to couples who have not registered their marriages outside Thailand within a reasonable period of time, or who live or work there and who are also entitled to a legal divorce from their spouse in another country. 

A contested divorce is also open to couples who have not registered their marriage in Thailand but have lived, worked or lived outside Thailand for a reasonable period of time and are also entitled to a legal divorce from their spouse in another country. 

Foreigners who want to remarry in their home country sometimes have problems with uncontested divorces in Thailand. The reason for a contentious divorce is if the marriage was not registered in Thailand but the couple was resident outside Thailand and worked there for a reasonable period of time. If a divorce from a foreigner from Thailand is a court-ordered divorce, it can be complicated because family members, friends, relatives or colleagues of the spouse or spouse – workers – are not in the country at a certain time or have forgotten to remarry outside their home country. 

If you are a foreigner married to a Thai citizen and you want your spouse to come to you, you will need what is often referred to as a Thailand marriage visa. What makes the marriage visa different from others is that you obtain a visa to Thailand without immigration and it is renewed on the basis of the marriage between you and a Thai citizen. 

So no – in Thailand, no-fault divorce is allowed, so a couple must present valid reasons for divorce in a Thai court. Couples who do not register their marriage outside Thailand cannot marry or divorce as an uncontested divorce is recognised in the country, but not as a result. 

If you are married and your spouse does not agree to divorce in Thailand, you must seek a judgment from the Court of Justice. Thai divorce lawyers must be able to advise you whether your home country recognises the divorce you are receiving from Thailand. The divorce petition cannot be filed if the spouses do not cooperate with it. 

Non-Thai foreigners are entitled to the land they receive from Thailand, but they must comply with the laws of their home country. Non-Thai foreigners cannot obtain a country in Thailand without the consent of the Thai government or their spouses. 

If your marriage certificate from overseas shows “Marriage Certificate in Thai” in translation, you can file for divorce in Thailand. How do you file for divorce with the District Office of Thailand, unlike the Thai Divorce Court? Then you do not have to file your divorce with the district office as in your country of residence. 

Administrative divorce is permissible provided the couple marries in Thailand and agrees to divorce. If the marriage is not registered in Thai, both parties must file for divorce with a Thai court. 

If the spouses cannot agree on the terms of the divorce or the terms of the divorce, a court-ordered divorce can be filed. British nationals, if children are involved and both parties agree on the divorce, can appoint a lawyer to file for divorce in Thailand, where the woman lives, on one of the grounds for divorce. You need to make sure that your home country recognises you when you divorce within Thailand. 

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