Having lived in Thailand for seven years, I know firsthand that some divorced men retire after meeting Thai women. Observing Thai marriage customs can make a significant contribution to the success of your relationship with a Thai woman. There is also the opportunity to develop a strong bond with her and to develop an understanding of Thai culture and customs. The trend of foreigners marrying ThaiWomen and finding Thai girlfriends and relationships within Thailand has spawned an entire industry in which books define the different kinds of foreign men who are looking for a Thai woman, such as “Thai Girlfriends,” “Thai Women,” and “The Thai Girl.” 

The most important knowledge that both spouses must have before the divorce process is the Civil and Commercial Code on Divorce. There is no need to file for divorce in Thailand, although you may not conflict with it in any matter, including custody and the child’s assets. 

If you are married and your spouse in Thailand does not agree to divorce, you must seek a judgment from the Court of Justice. A party to a marriage has the right to go to court to end their marriage if the grounds given in Thai law exist, but losing a divorce in the Thai primary court is not an option for a Siamese lawyer. If you have any questions or reasons for divorce from Thailand and need help, please send us an email for more information and we will answer you with the most cost-effective solution. We make sure we get the best results for our customers, so please contact us if you need help. 

Below is a transcript of an interview conducted by the Bangkok-based Thai law firm with a Siamese woman. In this article we will detail how you can file Thai divorce papers, what type of divorce lawyer you need and what requirements you need to meet. If one of your reasons is why you want to file for divorce in Thailand, please contact us for more information. 

The divorce process in Thailand is easier with a lawyer with considerable experience in divorce matters. We have a proven track record of dealing with foreign Thai clients who require a divorce lawyer with more than 20 years of legal experience and expertise in the Thai divorce process. When you start the divorce process in Thai, you should seek advice from a Thai lawyer and not from a foreign lawyer from the United States or any other foreign country. If you are starting the divorce process with your spouse’s ex-wife in Bangkok, you should also seek the help of an experienced Thai law firm or an international divorce lawyer. 

Finding a Thai family lawyer with experience in international divorce law in Thailand is the best way to navigate the complex legal process of Thai divorce in Thai and international divorces. 

Q How divorce in Thailand can be difficult, so it is important to seek advice from a professional Thai lawyer. Before signing a divorce agreement in Thai, talk to a divorce lawyer from Thailand Div. 

If you are married in Thailand and both parties agree to divorce but your spouse does not sign the agreement, you must go to Amphur District Office. You must prepare the divorce contract in Thai and English and file it together with the divorce application. Since divorces take place in district offices throughout Thailand, it is necessary that both spouses present in Bangkok sign and confirm the divorce application. It is not possible to divorce in the Bangkok District Office. 

If the divorce court is to take place, only the spouse, the beneficiary, must be present in Thailand and the other spouse can be represented by a divorce lawyer. 

The list of reasons for divorce can be found here, but the list for each reason for divorce can be found here. It will take a lot more time and money to challenge a divorce than is necessary, and it will take a lot of time, money and legal fees, as well as legal and court costs to challenge the divorce. This will take considerably more time and money than is required and it will take considerably more time and money to challenge the divorces. 

If you are a foreign woman married to a Thai husband, please read this article, as the legislation applies differently to the wives of Thai husbands. If the couple was legally married in the United States and did not violate Thai laws or moral codes, the marriage will be recognized under Thai law. Divorce can be administered by an administrative authority if a couple originally married outside Thailand and one of the spouses is a Thai citizen. 

So no – in Thailand, no-fault divorce is allowed, so the couple must present valid reasons for divorce before a Thai court. There is no legal registration of marriage in Thailand and the marriage must be registered outside Thailand. Whether a nation wants to recognise a divorce registered in another country depends on the legal status of the country (i.e. British law recognises divorce only in court proceedings and not in Thai law). You must either register your marriage within Thailand or be married to another Thai citizen or you must live outside Thailand for a longer period of time. 

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