What Is Divorce Like For A Foreigner In Thailand?

The available evidence suggests that there is a strong correlation between marriage and divorce in Thailand and other countries around the world, and this should be of particular importance to anyone considering marriage with Thailand. There are a number of different types of marriages in different parts of Thailand, but they are all very similar, […]

Top tips to know when entering a divorce with a Thai woman

Having lived in Thailand for seven years, I know firsthand that some divorced men retire after meeting Thai women. Observing Thai marriage customs can make a significant contribution to the success of your relationship with a Thai woman. There is also the opportunity to develop a strong bond with her and to develop an understanding […]

Legal Consultancy Thailand For Divorce

The Thai Civil and Commercial Code distinguishes between two types of divorce in the following sections. Here we discuss what you should know about the legal system that is likely to play a role in your divorce. One of the most important knowledge that both spouses must have before they enter the divorce process is […]

How Much Does A Divorce Lawyer In Thailand Cost?

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