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Established in 1995, Bangkok Divorce Lawyers are the now one of leading law firms in all of Thailand. What makes us stand from other law firms in Thailand is our unyielding dedication to our clients in making sure that they are given the highest quality representation and provided with the best divorce settlement in their specific case. With a team of fluent Thai and English speakers, our expert family law attorneys have successfully dealt with hundreds of contested and uncontested divorce cases in Thailand.


We have long been regarded as one of the best divorce lawyers in Thailand for foreigners wishing to divorce a Thai spouse. It is a common misconception that for foreigners in Thailand wishing to divorce a thai spouse that it is impossible to reach a fair settlement. But this is not the case as our team of foreigner-friendly divorce attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and professional representation. Our standards are uncompromising and we will always fight to ensure each and every one of our clients receives a fair outcome in their divorce case.


We have an outstanding track record for resolving complex divorce issues for our clients. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and through our team of expert divorce attorneys, we have helped a lot people retain millions of dollars in separate property that is rightfully theirs. Here at Bangkok Divorce Lawyers, our goal is to make sure our clients are provided with a more acceptable outcome and the best separation agreement possible for their divorce.


If you're thinking about getting divorced, our team of specialist divorce lawyers will provide you with clear direction and solutions from the very first consultation!

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The team at Bangkok Divorce Lawyers are extremely well versed and knowledgable in all aspects of Marriage and Divorce in Thailand. 

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Our specialist divorce lawyers are fluent in English and Thai. No matter what part of the divorce process in Thailand is troubling, Bangkok Divorce Lawyers is with you every step of the way. 

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